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So awhile ago, I got an ask asking about what I thought ruined a good cosplay.


Recently, I saw some posts go around that pointed things out that people found particularly offensive. Bad wigs—people not styling or dyeing their hair to the characters, using costume satin, people who don’t seal their makeup. The usual complaints that people tend to have about those who are uninformed about cosplay.

I thought about it for awhile, and not a lot particularly offends me when it comes to cosplays. Not even giant stripper boots for a masculine character makes me think, “oh, that RUINS their whole outfit,” I mean, I don’t particularly like their footwear, but if the rest of their cosplay is nice, so what? They probably just wanted to be taller to fit their headcanon for the characters.

Today while cooking, it hit me. What the worst, most offensive thing is, that can ruin even the most wonderful cosplays. 

A bad attitude.

If you’re just at a con, having fun with your friends, even if you rolled out of bed this morning and said “hey, I think I’ll cosplay this,” grabbed some random stuff out of your closet, and threw it on, I’m really not going to care. I’m not going to be irritated by your existence, I’m not going to judge you. It’s your business how long you work on an outfit or how many feels you have about the character, it’s not mine. 

However, giant epic super-detailed 349654962-part cosplay, or closet cosplay, if I CONSISTENTLY see you being rude, talking down other cosplayers, causing a disturbance, being disrespectful of others, talking shit about other cosplayers, hating on people cosplaying a fandom you don’t like, sending them hate, or just being unpleasant/nasty to others who are just trying to have a good time and aren’t hurting anyone? Oh man, do I judge you. I judge you hard. I stop caring how pretty your cosplay is, I stop admiring you altogether. I’ll think to myself, “Wow, that person has a beautiful cosplay, but WOW they have a bad attitude. That costume/makeup/face/skill/whatever is wasted on someone so spiteful.” 

So yes, that’s my cosplay peeve. That’s the one thing that can ruin ANY cosplay on any day. 

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Or blogs that just so happen to post a lot of Cosplay related stuff!

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Or tutorials for making cool things. :D

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I’m helping my friend make her fem!Link for Megacon 2012 and I felt like it was only appropriate to get on here and share. <3 Anybody else going? Who are you going as?


Sorry sorry!

I’ve been all over the place guys, but explaining it all would be super spam. Feel free to check out my weight loss blog, it has pretty uh, regular accounts of whats going on with me.

BUT I PLAN TO RETURN. I want all of my blogs to be active and happy.

Things to be excited for:

  1. New convention posts
  2. New promotions
  3. Photos from EXPcon 2011
    Ulquiorra Second Release form shoot with super cool friend
  4. Photos from Shadocon 2011
    Panty and Stocking shoot with cousin/bestie
    Selphie (KH Version) shoot with con-noob bestie 

Basically, I LOVE YOU GUYS. Here’s to building up the cosplay society on tumblr! <3

Where my cosplay blogs at?

Seriously, though. I went on over to my other blog for the weekend in order to get it back up and running, and when I came back here it only took me five minutes to scroll through to Friday’s posts.  I need more people to follow/more active people.

Suggestions please!

(I’m looking for blogs that are cosplay, convention, health, costuming, advice, and photography oriented.)

P.S. Its not back up and running properly because my netbook lost all my reblog tabs and I’m decidedly unhappy about this.

P.P.S. Reply/Ask/Reblog with suggestions. PLEASE <3

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